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Sneaky Pete Beer!
September 5, 2011, 7:46 pm
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We were at a local liquor store the other day, and look what we found!

It's Petey!

Sneaky Pete Imperial Ale. I probably haven’t mentioned that we’re what some might call “beer snobs.” We generally drink Dogfish Head’s 60 minute IPA as our every day beer (although it’s Punkin Ale all the way right now, and I will probably drink it all before it’s even technically fall-just like I have every year), and try to pick up other craft brews when we can. I am thrilled to report that, not only is Sneaky Pete named after Petey AND have him on the front, but it is delicious. We saved the packaging to frame the front square, and we saved a bottle of the beer as well. We attempted to take pictures of Petey with the bottle. This did not go well:

My beer?

Apparently, my camera has difficulty auto focusing on a moving puppy and a beer bottle at the same time.

Stupid shiny label.


It doesn’t help that boyfriend has taught Petey to ask for beer.


You can find more about Sneaky Pete IPA here.


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