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Wilmington’s mayor looking to repeal ridiculous pit bull laws!
May 3, 2012, 3:41 pm
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Wilmington’s Mayor Baker is looking to FINALLY repeal the ridiculous breed specific legislation that’s been on the books for almost 12 years. The law in Wilmington requires all pit bulls to get special registration through the Delaware Humane Association ($30 for life)  be spayed or neutered (GOOD) and prohibits any breeding. These rules aren’t that terrible, and aren’t a bad idea for all dogs. The bad part? Pit bulls are not allowed to be off leash (even in designated off-leash dog parks) and are required to be muzzled when in city parks.

Cities across the country with pit bull specific legislation have shown no decrease in dog bites after laws have been enacted. Miami-Dade County has had one of the most brutal pit bull laws in the country, banning the breed all together, and residents will be voting to repeal that law in August, citing no change in their bite statistics over the past twenty years. In fact, large cities across the country have seen reductions in dog bites by about 90% over the past 35 years, while Miami-Dade has only seen an 80% decrease, most of which (43%) occurred before the pit bull ban in 1989. Miami-Dade is the only Florida county to ban pit-bulls, yet their residents accounted for 16% of the states reported dog bites in 2007, despite the fact that the county only holds 13% of the state’s total population.

Countless cities across the country have breed specific legislation on the books, but many are realizing that they are useless if not detrimental. Delaware is currently looking for a new animal-control contractor to replace the Delaware SPCA when their contract expires this summer, and they are unlikely to find someone willing to take the job with this law being enforced. The Kent County SPCA who currently handles most animal control issues for the state has a strong stance against breed specific legislation and has not publicly commented on whether or not they will be bidding on the contract.

Regardless of the law, if you take a drive through the city of Wilmington, you will no doubt see many pit bulls who are not following the rules. I saw unneutered and off leash pits constantly while living in the city and was subject to plenty of advertisements for “prohibited” litters of puppies for sale. That being said, the good pit bull owners are sure to be happy to have these laws off the books, if only to show momentum toward the elimination of breed bias by lawmakers and animal control officials across the country. Hopefully we’ll see this repeal happen sooner rather than later.


Piper, an adoptable pit mix at the Delaware Humane Association, via


Petey Petesworth and the Big Snip Snip
August 22, 2011, 8:36 pm
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So this past Thursday was the big day for Sir Petesworth Duke of Awesome. We took him up to The Spayed Club in Sharon Hill (a depressing place p.s.). The Spayed Club is a non-profit spay and neuter clinic that offers discounts to rescues and generally has much lower prices than you would pay at the vet. I dropped him off at 8 in the morning and, other than being completely terrified by the rain soaked, slippery linoleum, Pete seemed very nonchalant about the whole “losing my testicles” thing. Here he is on the ride up:

La la la, just another ride with the momma.

The momma was less nonchalant. I had been thrilled that the clinic had a webcam to watch their surgeries, but of course, it was down that day. Being a tech makes me an extra nervous mom since I know all the things that could go wrong. That being said, I also know the likelihood of a complication with a neuter is slim to none. So I went about my day, which included a lovely hour and a half of driving through Bumble, Pennsylvania. I had a pain appt in Brynn Mawr and thought I could just drive from there to Sharon Hill and stop at some coffee shop or bar along the way, do some reading, get some work done and kill time while waiting for Pete to be released at 6. Little did I know that the drive from Brynn Mawr to Sharon Hill consists of nothing but horse farms and ghetto. I seriously went from beautiful rolling hills to unattended children roaming the streets in about half a mile. Then I got lost.

You see, I don’t have a GPS, but I do have an iPhone. Sadly, I have a 3G that I naively updated to iOS4 last year and it has basically become a Nokia 2001 brick phone ever since. It’s painfully slow to the point of uselessness. Could I downgrade my software to fix the problem? Yes, but that takes an awful lot of effort and frankly I am much too lazy. I will just upgrade to the 4 when the 5 comes out and never update the software. Ever.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I didn’t know because my phone sucks. So I spent about an hour and a half cruising through what I assume was Darby and eventually ended up at the Springfield Mall. This is not a mall. This is a large, prison looking building with a Macy’s, a Target and a Ruby Tuesdays. It was however, not as sketchy as all my other options and I was starving. I spent an hour and a half at RTs talking to my ridiculously stereotypical bartender who dropped out of her agricultural high school when she had her kid, but apparently was there long enough to castrate sheep. She was interested to know that you do not wrap a rubber band around dog balls and twist them off. She also told me all about kick boxing lessons, her flooded jeep she left open in the rain (twice in 24 hours), good ways to quit smoking (I don’t smoke) and the best iPhone app for directions. It was an interesting afternoon.

Finally, it was time to pick up the Peteburger. I stopped at a PetSmart and bought him a stuffed monkey for snuggling and headed to the clinic. I was told how adorable he was (obviously) and that he weighed in at a whopping 34.8 lbs, leaving him trailing behind Miss Chomp by just 5. When they brought him out, he still was griping about the floor, but forgot once he saw me and Monkey. He took one look at me holding his leash and took off straight for the door. The tech said he hadn’t bothered with his incision site and that they weren’t sending him with an e-collar (lampshade). I wasn’t surprised because he is awesome. Then I realized it may have been because he was drugged out of his mind and spent the drive home hanging on for dear life like a drunk with the spins.

I'm just gonna hold on right here and breathe in this sweet freon.

Seriously, even when he stopped inhaling directly from the AC vent, he still had to hold on just in case. this gonna be forever?

Yes, that is Monkey laying discarded on the floor. But don’t worry, once we got home, Petey decided Monkey was awesome.

Mom, if you don't stop flashing that at me, I'm going to eat it.

Other than acting like he’d never been fed before in his life (you know, since he missed breakfast, which to him is like missing food for a month or two), he just seemed a bit tired. Didn’t bother the sutures once. Chomper seemed to understand that he was in need of lovin, and I caught this before we headed up to bed:

Don't tell Monkey.